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Unraveled Love


I’m a protector. It’s not a power trip, but something deep inside me I’ve always felt the need to do. From school bullies and a small-town cop to now providing security for elite athletes and music stars on the East Coast, the most important job I’ve ever taken is protecting Addi.


She’s becoming everything to me, but there’s danger lurking around every corner that gets darker with every passing day.


Her life is at risk, on the chopping block, and if we can’t find the men who are trying to track her down and return her to her ex-fiancé, she’ll be lost to me forever.


I didn’t take the job expecting to find love. But it’s here, and it’s real.

Now I just need to unravel the evil that’s hunting her to finally find our way to happily ever after.

Release Date: September 14th


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