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Twisted Hearts


I’m the good girl. The obedient daughter. I’ve done what‘s expected of me my entire life – 


Until the day I flee everything I know five minutes before I’m supposed to walk down the aisle.


In my defense, the man my parents want me to marry is the devil incarnate. I run to save myself. Now, I think I’m in really big trouble, and a chance run in with a man who works security, whose career is based on protecting and serving and saving, changes everything.


I’m running from a man I despise, afraid for my life when Shawn swoops in and promises me everything will be okay. Somehow, I trust him. I lean on him. 


I might have run from one man in order to save my life, but the longer I’m around Shawn, I realize I’m at risk of losing something else ---


My heart.

Releasing on August 17th


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