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Time Out

A one-night stand with a sexy stranger has me in over my head and calling time out…


Most of my team celebrated our Monday Night Football win with family and a few drinks. I celebrated mine with a smoking hot brunette.


One wild night of passion, with chemistry off the charts, we had our fun. In the morning, just when I was thinking of asking her for one more night—she bolted faster than I can score a touchdown.


It’s my rookie year. I’m breaking records and our team is gearing up to head to the playoffs. A Championship win is the only thing I’m focused on. Until my one-night stand shows up at my doorstep on Christmas Eve and drops a present in my lap that turns my whole word upside down.


Maggie’s pregnant. And the baby is mine. My teammate’s think she’s after my multi-million-dollar contract, but I believe her. Either way, I’m not the kind of guy who walks away from his responsibilities.


Now Maggie’s living under my roof and getting under my skin. I want her close so I can take care of her and our future child.


If only I could keep my hands off her, my life would be a hell of a lot less complicated.



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