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While Tessa gapes at me like a fish, frozen to her spot, I take advantage of her shock and step through her brother’s front door and curl my hands around her shoulders, gently placing her to the side so I can enter.

 She’s standing in front of me in a pair of black sweats that bunch at her ankles and a pale pink tank top with straps so thin I can see a strap of her bra peeking out from beneath on her shoulder. Her hair is piled on her head and I don’t think she has a speck of makeup on because I can see freckles dance across the bridge of her nose.

She’s also never been sexier.


It comes out on a groan and since she’s still gaping at me, I step forward. Another step. I move slowly, give her time to realize what I’m about to do and she either wants it as much as me, or she’s in some serious shock.

I reach out my hand and slide it to her neck where her pulse vibrates beneath my palm.


“Don’t tell me to stop.”

She blinks, long light lashes flutter wildly and I keep moving closer to her until her breasts brush against my chest and her back presses to the stairway behind her. “We… this…”

“It’s happening. It’ll be okay.” I’m sure part of her is scared. But there’s nothing here in front of me that’s saying she doesn’t want this. I’ve waited too damn long. I want a taste. Just one little taste of her to see if all the chemistry I’ve always felt is in my mind or real. That’s all this is.

A chemistry test.

I tilt her head up until she’s forced to meet my gaze. My free hand curls around the banister behind her. I’ve caged her in and while her claws are sheathed, I take my chance. 

I press my mouth to hers and in an instant, a wholeness I haven’t felt in almost a decade suffuses everything together in my system. This, this is what I’ve spent years waiting for. For Tessa, her mouth on mine, the taste of her red wine on my lips and the flowery scent of her perfume invading my senses so strongly a rumble builds deep in my gut and bursts from my throat, straight into her mouth. I part her lips with mine and freaking hell she succumbs, stops fighting the kiss, and begins to participate.

Her hands fly to my hips, fingers dig into my shirt, clinging me to her but this woman… she has to know there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Unless that other place is us closer together, clothes flying off until there’s nothing left between us.

My dick is hard, a throbbing incessant need in my shorts, and I roll my hips forward until she can feel the hard length against her lower stomach.

Yes. She feels even better against my body than I imagined she would and I’ve done a lot of imaginingover the years.

Her mouth yanks from mine and her eyes fly open, blue pools of lust blink back at me and she breathes out my name. “Jason—”

Pretty sure we aced that test.



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Hooked On Her ~ Excerpt

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