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Goal Chaser



When my ex-wife walked out our door, she didn't just take her belongings with her, she took my heart. 


I was pretty sure it would never work again, but that was before my sister’s best friend showed up at my door. Beaten. In need of serious help. And my sister sent Emmersyn to me, knowing I’d do whatever I could to help.


Except doing whatever I can means getting married. Again.


We both know the score though, which means Emmersyn knows I’ll never love her. I can help protect her and our marriage secures her inheritance, but love? I’ve already ruined one woman. I refuse to hurt another.


We say I do, and almost immediately I realize spending this much time around Emmersyn will be my downfall.


I might be breaking my promise to her already. 


Turns out, when it comes to love and women, I’m wrong about a lot of things.


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