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All The Ugly Things

One moment. A single decision... an accident.

Cost me six years of my life. 

All of my hopes and dreams vanished. 

Until I was given back my freedom and the opportunity to start over... doing whatever I could to survive in a world much different than the one I knew before. 

I was working on my degree and waiting tables when my fate changed.

An older man with silver hair and a fancy suit walked in, looking like he wanted to save me. 

He came for pie. But he offered me a job. 


When I turned him down, he sent his son, Hudson.

The arrogant, sex on a stick wore me down.

I took the job.

I accepted his friendship. 

And slowly, over time, I began to feel things for this man I knew I shouldn’t.


They gave me a home.

A family.
And then it was all ripped away.

Now nothing can erase all the ugly things. 

Release Date: April 20
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